Monday, July 6, 2009

First Anniversary Celebrations !!

Its time to rejoice and celebrate!
Yuppie.., Siby-TheWhiteKnight is celebrating successful completion of one year.
This blog has created waves around people and has touched a feet of 60k hits in one year. This blog is done purely and solely only on my taste.
I have just added things which I loved very much, and i have received accolades all over.I have just updated only 20% of my taste still now.
Updates cant be regular in future, since i would be busy here after with my higher studies and so on.Yet I don't wanna leave this at stake, I'll keep on updating my blog whenever time is possible.
My Only advice to all fo you is "Don't Ever Think You Can Do, Think Only You Can Do" , You'll reach greater heights in life.

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