Monday, May 31, 2010

Singam Review

I wanted to watch a MASS film for a long time. But Vijay and others were a bit too much for me , so i was waiting for Singam. And guess what ? Im happy !!

Good cop , the bestest man in the world , with the bestest family , hot girl falling in love and of course , the gangster villain.

We all knew this even before we put the feet inside the theatre . So why are we there? Because we love nonsense entertainment . Singam serves that well.

I must start by appreciating Hari . Finally , we have a MASS movie which is kind of sensible. Ofcourse the villains all fly in the air , and the Hero comes breaking out through SUV's , but even then there is sensiblity with respect to other MASS movies. Screenplay , is excellently presented with the purpose of the movie. The sequence do not really change(Action-Comedy-Song-Sentiments) , but it definitely is bearable.

Surya's presence as always is immense. The looks are unbeatable.However , he is not fiiting well in to the 'Kuthu' songs. His moves looks artificial and struggles to get the expressions right.

Anushka is 'Semma'hot . But if she is not planning to do something with her dancing , it wont be too long before she is out of the limelight. Only in 'En Idhayam' she looked fine coz there was hardly any dance or clothes on.

PrakashRaj was fine , but its sad to see such a great actor being wasted in Villain roles like this. May be its time he gives a better percentage of his call sheets for quality stuff.

Vivek produces laughable instances ,but will he ever be able to make up something without cheap double meanings? Well , that's a curse of almost all the comedians in today's world.

Is there anything that i need to talk about editing , cinematography etc ? I am sure they all were good professionals and did their work , got the money and left.

I know if you are someone who watches only QT stuff , then you would not even be reading this review. Since we all are people who still loves MASS nonsenses , i would suggest you go watch this one .

Singam = MASS